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outside reading post 5

maiming(204):to disable or disfigure

A theme that i think emerges from the book would be ironic stages because a man just happened to be running by her appartment when it blew up, but it was actually the ever running man. This is just one example of many in the book.

Now that Sharon is on her way to solving the mystery of the ever running man, she is still dealing with the problems of her husband. RKI is still getting frustrated with her husband, and she is still wondering if her marrage is going to fall apart because of all the work she has been doing. She has been traveling all over the place trying to solve whats going on and find different witnesses to interview. After she finds some interesting evidence with different suspects, sharon relizes she so close to solving the case of the ever running man.
But her husband interferes with the case. Problems keep developing with the two of them and she cant seem to resolve them. As she is trying to fix problems with her husband she still has to solve the case of the ever running man. Now the question is if she'll have enough time, or will she solve it in time because she has the case in her hands. The only thing stopping her is her husband and someone taking the case right out of her hands.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

outside reading quater 2 post 4

Post A:

"Ever since I accepted this case, I'd been walking through an emotional minefield-worrying about what it might do to my marriage, traumatized by nearly being blown up in the Green Street explosion(148)." This describes the signifigance of the book because it's all about suspense and mysterious vibes. Sharon has to deal with these while trying to solve the case with the thought of her knowing that she almost died and her marriage could be falling apart at that very moment.

Post B:
Letter to the Author-
Dear Sharon,
What was the first thought on your mind when you found out that you couldve been in the ashes of your apartment? I know that the feeling must be indescribable. The fact that you stayed strong and still went on to solve the case was very inspiring. When you said, "worrying about what it might do to my marriage, traumatized by nearly being blown up(148)" it described you as frustrated and scared. For someone to go through all that, and still manage to fufill their job duty is amazing.
What was your reaction when you found out that the "ever running man" was the person to make your apartment explode? It probably never crossed your mind that the man you saw joging outside your window, looking as normal as could be, was the man to blow up your apartment and the man that you're trying to catch!
What clues were the most disturbing or interesting to you while investigating so far?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

outside reading blog 3

Quaint:Having an old attractiveness or charm
Marksman:Person who is skilled at shooting at a mark.

"Upstairs: the guest rooms were as impersonal as a room at the Hilton(110)." It uses like or as in the sentence.
"A man's voice, high-pitched and nervous, answered and said yes(111)." This uses description to describe the mans voice in detail.
" roof, paint job, and landscaped yard(114)." This uses imagry to describe and paint the picture for the reader

Now that Sharon is deeper into the case trying to figure out what happened with the ever running man, she is traveling around the country to interview suspects and suspects friends and family. While she is traveling, she interviews Wynn Daley. Wynn had information on Mr.Kessell and the night Mr.Kessell was shot. Sharon got detailed answers which lead her back on the case to keep investigating. She continues to research to find out as much information as she can, but is still looking for that one person who did it all.
A quote that describes the book is "Just when you think the hurt is starting to heal, it flares up, and you know it'll always be with you(105)."
This quote best describes the book because at the beginning, Sharon's appartment was blown up, and she was suppost to be inside it. Since she survived the explosion even being outside her appartment at her car, she is know trying to recover and still work on the case she was assigned. When she is almost recovered, something happens again and that reminds her that she'll always have the scars from the night of the explosion. It gives her thoughts to think about knowing some one was intentionally trying to kill her and that if it wernt for pure luck, she might not be alive.

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Types of Debate:
-Parents debate over if their child can go to a party. The debate can occur with parents and their child. The purpose is to bring out each parents concerns. It helps the parents feel more comfortable. The debate is un structured. This makes the desicon making processes faster, but more frustrating.
-Political Debates on the dealth penalty. The debate can happen on tv or in a office. The purpose is to hear two people's opinions on what they think. It trys to solve issues and decide what is right and wront. The debate is structured because its a bigger debate and normally have someone who moderates the debate.
-Friends fighting over where they want to go for dinner. The debate can occur with everyone and their friends. The purpose is to figure out where they're going to go for dinner. It helps plan their night and what they're going to do. Its unstructured. It helps resolve the problem of where to go for dinner.
-Parents and child debate over going to a movie on a school night. The debate can occur at the last second or in short notice. THe purpose is to decide if the kid can go to the movie. It can inform the parents about whats going on. Ist unstructured. It helps give the parents more informaton on the situation.
-Kid and Teacher debating over a grade given to the student. The debate can occur with students and teachers. The purpose is for the student to state their opinion on what they think about their grade. It may help the student prove to the teacher that they deserved a better grade. Its unstructured. This could improve the decison process or hurt it. The teacher could be mad and lower their grade.

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outside reading quater 2 post 2

Post A:
Depreciates(66):to lessen the price of or value.
Conspicuous(62):easily seen or noticed
Figurative Language-
"These ancient machines are as easy to crack open as a peanut shell(68)." I know its a smilie because is uses "like or as"."
"I bought the ingredients yesterday. It'll be simmering when you come home.(79)" They are using imagry because when they use "simmering" that paints a picture in my mind of what they're describing.
"When i stepped down from the plan, a warm breeze ruffled my hair.(80)" They used imagry. When the author says "ruffled my hair" it paints a picture of her hair scruffed up in the hot heat.

Post B:
“Finally I logged on to the dial-up service-DSL still not being available on our part of the coast-typed in Hy’s password, and waited for a connection. Checked his seldom-used AOL mailbox. Several messages, all of them looking let spam…..sender unknown, no subject. I opened the last message. YOU’RE TOAST, RIPINSKY(65)!”

I chose this quote as the main quote to show how intense and mysterious the book, The Ever-Running Man is. After Sharon recovers from the explosion in her apartment, she sets off trying to find out clues about the running mans case, and find witnesses of his other explosions. While Sharon is doing her detective work, she comes across that email in her husband’s inbox. It was a threat. Sharon travels around the country to find witnesses, suspects, suspects family members to try to find the witness. Her life is crammed and busy, leaving no time to worry about the e-mail she and her husband got. As the book goes on , she’ll keep working to try and solve the mystery and the sender of the e-mail is still to be revealed!
This quote also relates to the outside world and media. Many celebrities are black mailed and threatened each day. Not only celebrities, but normal people too. People’s life’s are put in danger while trying to find the person threatening them.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

outside reading quater 2 post 1

Post A
Disconcerted(1) to throw into disorder or confusion; disarrange
Imperial(3) characterizing the rule or authority of a sovereign state over its dependencies

-They're crawling over the site like ants. I know it was a smilie because they used "like."
-I saw smoke billowing from RKI's building. The street doors to the lobby had been torn off their hinges and were lying on the side walk. I know this is imagry because its describing whats happening and creating a mental picture in my head.
-Glass rained down from the upstairs windows. I know this was a metaphor because its describing whats happening without using like or as.

"A couple of buildings away, a garbage can lid thumped, and moments later a man jogged along in a peculair, uneven gait.(13)" This is a very significant quote because the book is called the ever running man. The man Sharon saw outside,was the ever running man who was blowing up buildings.

A emerging theme from the book would probably be; if you see something suspicious, get out.

Post B

“A couple buildings away, a garbage can lid thumped, and moments later a man jogged along in a peculiar, uneven gait(13).”

‘This quote is very significant to the book. The book is about a man who puts explosives in buildings, runs away, and moments later the building blows up. Sharon, the main character is a detective that just took that case. She was in her apartment when she looked out her window to see a man running. At the time she had no idea that the man jogging in the alley was “the ever-running man.” Moments after she left her apartment to go visit her friends. While she was walking to her car, her apartment blew up.(13) Sharon was lucky to have survived, yet alone even get out of her apartment with having no idea what was going on. Throughout the first section, she continues to live her life, while trying to solve the mystery. Sharon basically has to start her life over because she has no supplies, clothing, etc.
Her friends from her work said, “You know, I blame this on the fuckin’ internet for this. Anybody can go online and learn how to construct explosive devices; They even give sources for the material(21).” This quote relates to the media because its relating to the outside world and connecting it to the book.
Now, Sharon has to continue to look into the case and figure out why he blew up other buildings, let alone her own apartment.

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outside reading blog

The Ever-Running Man. by marcia muller published in 2007. Fiction. 312 pages
He lived near the fresno aiport as a kid, and apparently the proximity made him want to fly. pg 74
I nodded sympathetically, although secretly i sided with dummy. Such information as pattern altitude, fuel availablility and airport communications and services is easily 81

I chose this book because it seemed interesting and suspensful. The story outline made me want to keep reading the book

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The Sea Inside Post 3

In the movie The Sea Inside, there are many different types of shots, field of view, camera angles, sequencing, and camera movements shown. An extreme close up was shown in the beginning of the movie when they zoomed in on the water to show the waves crashing onto the sand. When Gene is looking out the window in the beginning of the film, an extreme long shot is used to show the forest and the mountains. A Truck is used when Julia and Gene arrive to see ramon for the first time. When they walk into Ramons room, tracking is used because it scans the whole room and brings in a new enviornment while showing everything surrounding them. When Ramon has a flash back of him getting paralyzed, a low angle is used showing him floating in the water after he jumped from the rocks. The angle makes him look bigger, creating a scary scene. Firehosing is used when Ramon is dreaming. It feels like your flying and the camera moves with the bumps and turns. A sequence is shown when ramon is reading the letter to Julia. There are pictures shown, some close ups and some long shots. A juxtapostion is shown when Julia and ramon are working on writting his book. A series of shots appear together to show what is going on. When Rosa comes to visit ramon, Panning is shown when the camera follows her when she walks. A extra long shot is shown when ramon is in the car leaving to stay with rosa, and his newphew chases after him.

The Sea Inside Post 2

The sea inside related to The diving bell and the butterfly in so many ways. My first reaction to the movie was wondering if this was a tweak of the diving bell and the butterfly. Jean and Ramon relate so much, but ramon had way more communication with the world than Jean did. Ramon could talk, chew and swallow on his own and move his head slightly where Jean could do nothing except blink one of his eyes. They both wrote a book as well. Ramon and Jean both wanted to express how they felt. Both the Diving bell and the Butterfly and The Sea Inside have sad endings. While they both were suffering from being paralyzed, they both passed away shortly after their books were published. Many people were willing to help both men in both situations. They both share stories about their "loved ones" and tell the stories of their life being paralyzed. In diving bell there were dreams and flashbacks just like the sea inside did. The stories are very different aswell. In the Sea Inside, Ramon wanted to die while in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Jean was comfortable living his life in the conditions that he had. Jean hardly had any family members that came and took care of him. He never really had the comfort of his family around him while Ramons family was there for him 24/7. I think overall that the Sea Inside is more powerful because i had a better understanding of the story. To me, the movie made the story very intense and it showed more detail. Even though Ramon could do more than Jean, i reacted more to The Sea Inside. If the Diving bell and the Butterfly becomes a movie, my opinion could change because i think that movies do a better job of displaying emotions and descriptions better than a book does.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Sea Inside, Post 1

My overall opinion of the film was that it was a very touching story. When there was a flashback to of the day Ramon was paralyzed, i couldn't watch. It wad terrifying and it gave me goosebumbs just thinking about it. I think the court should have taken into consideration of the pain that Ramon was going through. He didnt want to live anymore and thats his decision. I dont think the court should be able to stop someone from wanting to end their own life. The way that Ramon killed him self was very emotional. I thought he would of had someone inject something into him, but not drink something. Just imagine the pressure and intensity of waiting to drink the chemical that was going to kill you. I think his friends and family wanted to look out for Ramon and keep him alive. I think overall his friends and family did the right thing for him, not for themselfs. Ramon didn't want to be alive anymore and there was nothing anyone could really do about it. If someone, like Ramon, was sick and they wanted to die, i think they should be able to if they put alot of thought into it. They should wait untill the right time and find the right place before rushing into decisions.

week 5 part 2

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week 5 part 1

Jeanette moves to new york city to live with her sister. She gets a job at a hamburger joint and gets nearly 80 dollars a week! they buy a new appartment that is bigger than her old house. She got a intern ship at a newspaper run. After working as a intern, she got a full time job and quit her old job. Her boss encouraged her to college because once she did she could have a better job than writting at the newspaper run. She got into Columbia university and used loans and grants to pay of the tutition. She was worried about her brother brian and decided to bring him to new york to live with her and lori. Later that year, Jeanette and Lori found out thier house was falling apart and their younger sister Maureen had gashed her head, they had Maureen move to new york too.
After all the Walls kids moved to New York, Jeanette work up to a big suprise. Her parents had moved to New York as well. Her dad was still drinking alot and neither of them had a job or money. They found a boarding house to live in, but their landlord kicked them out since they couldnt pay the rent. Jeanette bought her own appartment, as well as brian. Lori and Maureen shared an appartment and Lori let her parents stay with her for a couple months. Those couple months were not the best. Their father kept drinking, so lori kicked him out and he slept in the van. The next month, Lori kicked her mom out too. Now jeanettes mom, dad, and a dog were sleeping in a van. Untill one day they couldnt get their car back since it wasnt registered, they left it in a no parking zone. Now the walls parents were homeless in new york. Her mom called every now and then to check up on the kids and she said that being homeless was an adventure.
That winter, Jeanettes dad got sick. He had Tuberculosis. He was in the hospital for 6 weeks, which was a long enough time for him to become sober. Jeanette didnt want her dad to go back to drinking, so she encouraged him to get a job at the hospital. Which he did, as a janitor and had a place to stay in a building over a gas station while her mom was still homeless. She refused to work or live with her husband. Everthing was going well untill her mom convinced her dad to move back on the streets, and thats when the drinking started again.
Jeanettes dad was a good poker player, so good that he won 950 dollars and a mink coat. He gave it all to jeanette so she could pay off her tutition. She didnt want to take it, but he made her, after all, he owed her.
Finally after 3 years on the street jeanettes parents found a place to live. IT was an abandoned building that had no door.
Jeanette graduated from college and met a guy named eric who she later married.
Maureen was having so problems later in her life. She had "gone nuts." and later that year she stabbed her mom. Her mom was fine, and maureen had to go to a "upstate hospital" and once she returned she wanted to move to california. Jeanette didnt want her to, but everyone knew it was the best thing for maureen to do. After that she hardly ever heard from maureen, her mom or her dad.
One day she got a call from her dad and he told her that he had gotten some rare disease from some nicaraguan drug dealers from getting in a fight and it was uncureable. He had a few weeks to a few months to live. Two weeks after that, he had a heart attack and a machine was keeping him alive. She said her goodbyes and a hour later, he was gone.
Jeanette divorced Eric and met a new guy. His name was John. For thanksgiving, Jeanette had her mom, brian, brains daughter, lori, john, johns daughter and maureen over for dinner. And the book ended with a cute cheerful toast.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

week 5

That fall, Jeanette started 7th grade which meant she went to the High School. She didnt feel as left out there because many people dressed like her; Torn shirts and holes in their shoes. Looks started becoming more important. Since jeanette didnt like the way her teeth looked, she wanted to get braces but couldnt efford them. So she tried making her own by using rubber bands and metal hangers to put her teeth in place....and it worked.
In her 7th grade year, she started to write for her school newspaper.
Her mom got a new job as a teacher, but her mom started to have melt downs and freaking out all the time. Her mom then had to go away for 8 weeks to renew her teaching certificate and left her with 200 dollars for the kids and jeanette. Her dad kept asking her for money for beer and cigarettes and jeanette had no option but to give it to him. Once her dad brought her to a bar and let a man take her upstairs, but she managed to get away before nothing bad happened. she told her dad but he didnt really mind it considering he won 80 bucks of the drunk that tried to rape her. Since she was short on money, jeanette got a job at a jewelery store and got 40 dollars aweek. To get the job, jeanette had to lie about her age. She said she was 17 when really she was 13.
When her mom returned from her 8 week trip, she was very stubborn and didnt go to work. Jeannette back talked her mom and told her that she had to go to work and that she'd better start acting like a mother. When jeanette arrived home from school that afternoon, her dad told her that he needed to appoligize or he'd whip her with his belt. Jeanette didnt budge and got 6 hard whips to the back of her thys. Thats when she decided if she could, she was going to make something with her life and leave welch before highschool. She started saving up her money with her brother brian and sister lori. Lori was an amazing artist and people would pay her if she made them signs and pictures. Brian cut peoples lawns and jeanette tutored people and did homework for others. The money would go into their "escape fund." On day jeanette returned home from school to find all the money they'd been saving was gone. Their dad took it and didnt even appoligize. When lori and jeanette confronted him, he grinned and gave them a couple bucks back.
That summer lori went to nanny her neighbors. At the end of the summer she would get 200 dollars and a bus ticket back to welch, which would give her the money to go to college in new york.
Jeanettes junior year of highschool, she became the editor and cheif of her school newspaper. She started to make friends and more people accepted her for who she was.
When jeanette finished her junior year she saved up enough money to go to new york city. And thats where she wanted to start over.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

week4 part 2

After Jeanette moved to Welch, they moved out of their grandparents house and bought a house of their own. It wasnt the nicest house in the world, but it worked as shelter. They didnt have much money. They wore torn shirts and sometimes didnt have food. Their house sometimes didnt have electricty. They dug a hole in their backyard to throw the garbage in and it just kept getting bigger and junkier.
One night jeanette was sitting in bed after everyone had gone to sleep and heard the front door open, it was her dad who was bleeding all over his face and head. The cut on his head was so deep, jeanette could see the "white from his skull." He had jeanette give him stitches, ew!
Jeanettes dad would go away for a few days and then return with food. He never would say where he got the food from or where he got the money. When Jeanette started 6th grade she was very skinny and never had a lunch. All the kids at school made fun of her so she ate in the bathroom. The only time when she ate lunch at school was when girls would throw their half eaten lunches away in the bathroom.
When winter came, it got very cold. Jeanettes family couldnt afford coal, which meant they would have to use wood which was hard to find since most of it was all wet wood.
One day her sister lori was inside the house trying to start a fire with kerosene and it blew up the stove which caught her hair on fire and gave her blisters all down her legs. They were so bad, they became open wounds.
that winter, jeanettes grandma died. Her uncle burned down his dads house, so they had to move into a new one. Their new house had running water so jeanette would go over their sometimes to take a bath. While jeanette and brain we playing outside, they found a 2 carat diamond ring. Their mom refused to sell it even though it could have bought them alot of food, she said it would improve her self esteem.
Jeanette told her mom that she should leave her dad so she could get wealfare, but she refused. So jeanette made her get a job as a teacher. Jeanette started babysitting, her brother started lawn care so they started getting more money.

week 4 part 1

"Life is a drama full of tragedy and comedy. You should learn to enjoy the comis episodes more." -jeanette walls mom pg.129 from The Glass Castle
This quote really relates to the book in many ways. Jeanettes life is really stressful and hard. She never really has had a permanent home or a real school to go to. Her life ise very complicated and challenging. Her mom and dad struggle with jobs and her dad is an on and off alcoholic. Her parents live life very differently than others so when jeanettes mom says this quote, it really made me think. Her mom tries to have jeanette think positive, have a good adittute, and never give up. I think that her mom really inspired her to keep going no matter what and thats how she lived her hard life as a child.

Monday, October 8, 2007

the diving bell and the butterfly

The Diving bell and the butterfly:
When I finished The diving bell and the butterfly, the first thing that i thought about was how confusing it was. I never really knew what was going on. Sometimes he was dreaming and other times he was telling a story from his past. To me it seemed like there were a lot of people in the book and i couldn't keep track of who was who. When Jean-Dominique Bauby was describing Josephine, i never really quite understood who she was. I knew that she was his girlfriend, but i always got confused on their relationship. For example when they visited Madonna. When i first started reading the chapter, i thought Josephine was wanted to go to her concert. I found out that it was a religious place from Mr. Hatten explaining it in class. When Jean was visiting with his children, i thought that were assistants from the hospital. Even though the book was very confusing and hard for me to read, i did find some parts to be interesting and very descriptive. Like when he was talking about his lucky day, when the nurse turned the TV on and the commercial said "were you born lucky?" i thought it was ironic in some ways. I also thought that the end of the book was a good conclusion. He talks about opening up his diving bell and a currency to buy his freedom back. For me, that really made the book click.
Overall, i found the book to be confusing but sad. I couldn't imagine living my life like that. Never being able to speak, walk, play sports, or even eat/drink. For Jean-Dominique to write a book about his life in "locked-in syndrome" is amazing, while only being able to communicate with the blink of his eye.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

week3 part 2

From the glass castle there are many strengths and weaknesses. Some strengths would include the detail that the author describes. About how she travels from one place to another, or if its giving detail on which house she's living in, i can picture the situation. Some weaknesses in the book are the negativeness that goes on. Many parts in the story are disturbing to me. From how her life style is to how her grandparents treat her.
When the grandma touches jeanettes brother inapropreately i was discussed. I couldnt believe how horrible she was treating her own grandkids. i know that my grandparents would never ever do that. I think that later in the book, the grandma is going to continue doing what she did and possibly to her other grandkids. I also think that she may start getting more and more abusive towards her son, daughter-in-law, and her grandkids.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

week 3 part 1

Jeanettes family moved to phoniex arizona to live in their grandmas house. she passed away and since jeanette got in trouble with the cops for having a gun, they thought it was the right time to move. Their grandmas house was very large and jeanettes grandma had left alot of money which was spent in many different ways. Their mom wanted to become a artist.

Jeanettes sister Maureen turned four and she was starting preschool so her mom wanted to get her new clothes. Since they had not alot of money, she decided to shop lift 4 dresses for her.

Their dad kept moving from job to job. When he got angry he would break dishes and windows until he expressed all of his stress and frustration. Most of the time, this happened because he was always drinking. The kids would have to clean up his mess and pick up all the beer bottles. Her brother once took jeanette out to the back yard and showed her all the beer bottles that'd he'd save.

Around christmas time, they didnt have alot of money, but they had enough to buy a present for everyone in the family and a christmas tree. Christmas night, their dad was drunk and thought it would be funny to light the tree on fire which took the presents with it. Then in that january, it was Jeanettes birthday, her dad asked her for anything she wanted, anything at all and he'd make it happen. SHe wished for him to stop drinking and he tried so hard. Her dad disapeared in his room for 3 days. She once went in to see what he was doing and he was tied to the bed to keep him from drinking. Sometimes he would hear him yelling because he was in so much pain from not drinking.

One day jeanettes dad came home super drunk and was crashing dishes and throwing silver ware and asking for his wife or as he called her a "stinking bitch" and a "whore" and him and his wife got into a big fight. but got over it in literally 5 seconds.

Their mom wanted to move in with her husbands parents, but jeanettes dad refused to move. As they were about to leave, they begged their dad to come and he finally hopped in and they were now starting a big adventure.


Jeanette was born in Phoniex, Arizona and then traveled on to live many other places in her life. She graduated from Bernard College. She is now a reporter for New York Magazine and lives in Virginia with her husband, who is also a writter. His name is John Taylor. Jeanettes book is soon going to be made into a movie.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

10 loaded words

10 Loaded Words
-Rich: For Jeanette's family to be called rich was really special since they didn't have a lot of money are the time pg.48
-Puny: When they moved to a new city, the buildings looked "puny" pg.51
-Huge: They didn't have furniture so for couches they used "huge" stools made out of wood pg.51
-Sweaty: When their family would go out to eat, they'd get milk shakes and the cups would always sweat pg.56
-Fussy: Jeanette's mom wasn't fussy like the others, she never was over dramatic pg.59
-Sissie: Jeanette's mom thought her friends mom was a Sissie because when Jeanette cut her knee, she wanted to take her to the emergency room when really she just needed a bandage pg.59
-Shimmering: Jeanette had a collection of rocks that always shimmered pg.59
-Artistic: Her mom became a teacher and everyone said she was very artistic and great at what she did pg.74
-Ugly: The town that they lived in was considered "one of the ugliest" pg.81
-a Drunk: A boy called Jeanette's dad a drunk because he drank once in awhile pg.83
-Behaved: Jeanette got caught by a cop because she had a gun as self protection from a neighbor shooting a bee bee gun at her, so she tried to act behaved around the cop pg.88

Summary: Jeanette's family found a new town that they enjoyed. Her mom got a job as a teacher and her dad had a steady job as well. She attended school and made friends. They lived there for about a year until one day the neighbor boy came out with a bee bee gun and shot at Jeanette and her siblings. She got out her dads real gun and fired to scare him off and that's when the cops came. Her dad then sent them off to Phoenix to live in their grandmas "mansion" where they started their life, once again, all over.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Memoir section 1

The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls
The book starts out when Jeanette is grown up and see's her mom scrummaging through a dumpster in NYC. She then goes out to dinner with her homeless mom and it transitions into the story of her childhood. When she was 3, she was wearing a pink tutu while cooking hot dogs over the stove. Her tutu then caught on fire as well as her whole body. She was rushed to the emergency room where she was lucky to survive. After Jeanette stayed in the hospital for 6 weeks, her dad kidnapped her. She and her family then traveled all over the United States.
Along her adventure, she realized her dad was a alcoholic when he wanted to be. One day when her dad was drinking and driving, they hit a rock and she flew from the car. Her parents didn't realize it and wouldn't listen to their other daughter or son. After traveling for 20 minutes, they realized she was missing. When they finally turned around, they found her. Their family then moved to the desert where many things happened. Their dog got bit by a rattle snake and died and her mom got pregnant. After her dad lost his job, they moved yet again and Jeanette started school. When they were driving to there new location, Jeanette's mom and dad were fighting over how long she'd been pregnant. Her mom got out of the car and started running while her dad sped after her in the car. When Jeanette was in school, she was the smartest girl in class and was called teachers pet by 4 girls in the class. One day when she walked home from school she got beaten up in a alley.
I cannot believe that a mother would let her 3 year old daughter cook hot dogs let alone be by herself while doing it. You'd think that they'd want their daughter to get better and keep her in the hospital, but instead they take her and put her in a car for a long ride. When i read the part where she flew out of the car, i was completely shocked. How could you not hear someone fall out of the car or even notice your child wasn't there. I was shocked when her mother was pregnant with the newest child for 12 months! I couldn't believe that a husband would drive after his pregnant wife while speeding.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This I believe


Author: Michael Oatman

Title: Admittance to a better life

Brief Sentence: Education has the power to transform a persons life

2 examples: While he used to hang out with drug dealers, he now is at the library looking for novels thinking about his friends that are dead or in jail. He talks about how he wrote a poem about a girl that got published but he knew nothing about grammar so he went back to school to learn about it.

Favorite Passage: It's odd to educate oneself away from one's past

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The thing that I am most anxious about at Edina High School is making all my classes on time. Even though there is a seven minute passing time, I still feel like I'm running from one side of the school to the other.
One goal for myself in my sophomore year is to try my best and get good grades. Every quarter I'd like to get the same grade I did the previous quarter or better.