Sunday, December 23, 2007

outside reading post 5

maiming(204):to disable or disfigure

A theme that i think emerges from the book would be ironic stages because a man just happened to be running by her appartment when it blew up, but it was actually the ever running man. This is just one example of many in the book.

Now that Sharon is on her way to solving the mystery of the ever running man, she is still dealing with the problems of her husband. RKI is still getting frustrated with her husband, and she is still wondering if her marrage is going to fall apart because of all the work she has been doing. She has been traveling all over the place trying to solve whats going on and find different witnesses to interview. After she finds some interesting evidence with different suspects, sharon relizes she so close to solving the case of the ever running man.
But her husband interferes with the case. Problems keep developing with the two of them and she cant seem to resolve them. As she is trying to fix problems with her husband she still has to solve the case of the ever running man. Now the question is if she'll have enough time, or will she solve it in time because she has the case in her hands. The only thing stopping her is her husband and someone taking the case right out of her hands.

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