Tuesday, December 4, 2007

outside reading blog 3

Quaint:Having an old attractiveness or charm
Marksman:Person who is skilled at shooting at a mark.

"Upstairs: the guest rooms were as impersonal as a room at the Hilton(110)." It uses like or as in the sentence.
"A man's voice, high-pitched and nervous, answered and said yes(111)." This uses description to describe the mans voice in detail.
"....new roof, paint job, and landscaped yard(114)." This uses imagry to describe and paint the picture for the reader

Now that Sharon is deeper into the case trying to figure out what happened with the ever running man, she is traveling around the country to interview suspects and suspects friends and family. While she is traveling, she interviews Wynn Daley. Wynn had information on Mr.Kessell and the night Mr.Kessell was shot. Sharon got detailed answers which lead her back on the case to keep investigating. She continues to research to find out as much information as she can, but is still looking for that one person who did it all.
A quote that describes the book is "Just when you think the hurt is starting to heal, it flares up, and you know it'll always be with you(105)."
This quote best describes the book because at the beginning, Sharon's appartment was blown up, and she was suppost to be inside it. Since she survived the explosion even being outside her appartment at her car, she is know trying to recover and still work on the case she was assigned. When she is almost recovered, something happens again and that reminds her that she'll always have the scars from the night of the explosion. It gives her thoughts to think about knowing some one was intentionally trying to kill her and that if it wernt for pure luck, she might not be alive.

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