Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Sea Inside, Post 1

My overall opinion of the film was that it was a very touching story. When there was a flashback to of the day Ramon was paralyzed, i couldn't watch. It wad terrifying and it gave me goosebumbs just thinking about it. I think the court should have taken into consideration of the pain that Ramon was going through. He didnt want to live anymore and thats his decision. I dont think the court should be able to stop someone from wanting to end their own life. The way that Ramon killed him self was very emotional. I thought he would of had someone inject something into him, but not drink something. Just imagine the pressure and intensity of waiting to drink the chemical that was going to kill you. I think his friends and family wanted to look out for Ramon and keep him alive. I think overall his friends and family did the right thing for him, not for themselfs. Ramon didn't want to be alive anymore and there was nothing anyone could really do about it. If someone, like Ramon, was sick and they wanted to die, i think they should be able to if they put alot of thought into it. They should wait untill the right time and find the right place before rushing into decisions.

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