Sunday, September 30, 2007

10 loaded words

10 Loaded Words
-Rich: For Jeanette's family to be called rich was really special since they didn't have a lot of money are the time pg.48
-Puny: When they moved to a new city, the buildings looked "puny" pg.51
-Huge: They didn't have furniture so for couches they used "huge" stools made out of wood pg.51
-Sweaty: When their family would go out to eat, they'd get milk shakes and the cups would always sweat pg.56
-Fussy: Jeanette's mom wasn't fussy like the others, she never was over dramatic pg.59
-Sissie: Jeanette's mom thought her friends mom was a Sissie because when Jeanette cut her knee, she wanted to take her to the emergency room when really she just needed a bandage pg.59
-Shimmering: Jeanette had a collection of rocks that always shimmered pg.59
-Artistic: Her mom became a teacher and everyone said she was very artistic and great at what she did pg.74
-Ugly: The town that they lived in was considered "one of the ugliest" pg.81
-a Drunk: A boy called Jeanette's dad a drunk because he drank once in awhile pg.83
-Behaved: Jeanette got caught by a cop because she had a gun as self protection from a neighbor shooting a bee bee gun at her, so she tried to act behaved around the cop pg.88

Summary: Jeanette's family found a new town that they enjoyed. Her mom got a job as a teacher and her dad had a steady job as well. She attended school and made friends. They lived there for about a year until one day the neighbor boy came out with a bee bee gun and shot at Jeanette and her siblings. She got out her dads real gun and fired to scare him off and that's when the cops came. Her dad then sent them off to Phoenix to live in their grandmas "mansion" where they started their life, once again, all over.

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