Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Sea Inside Post 3

In the movie The Sea Inside, there are many different types of shots, field of view, camera angles, sequencing, and camera movements shown. An extreme close up was shown in the beginning of the movie when they zoomed in on the water to show the waves crashing onto the sand. When Gene is looking out the window in the beginning of the film, an extreme long shot is used to show the forest and the mountains. A Truck is used when Julia and Gene arrive to see ramon for the first time. When they walk into Ramons room, tracking is used because it scans the whole room and brings in a new enviornment while showing everything surrounding them. When Ramon has a flash back of him getting paralyzed, a low angle is used showing him floating in the water after he jumped from the rocks. The angle makes him look bigger, creating a scary scene. Firehosing is used when Ramon is dreaming. It feels like your flying and the camera moves with the bumps and turns. A sequence is shown when ramon is reading the letter to Julia. There are pictures shown, some close ups and some long shots. A juxtapostion is shown when Julia and ramon are working on writting his book. A series of shots appear together to show what is going on. When Rosa comes to visit ramon, Panning is shown when the camera follows her when she walks. A extra long shot is shown when ramon is in the car leaving to stay with rosa, and his newphew chases after him.

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