Sunday, October 14, 2007

week4 part 2

After Jeanette moved to Welch, they moved out of their grandparents house and bought a house of their own. It wasnt the nicest house in the world, but it worked as shelter. They didnt have much money. They wore torn shirts and sometimes didnt have food. Their house sometimes didnt have electricty. They dug a hole in their backyard to throw the garbage in and it just kept getting bigger and junkier.
One night jeanette was sitting in bed after everyone had gone to sleep and heard the front door open, it was her dad who was bleeding all over his face and head. The cut on his head was so deep, jeanette could see the "white from his skull." He had jeanette give him stitches, ew!
Jeanettes dad would go away for a few days and then return with food. He never would say where he got the food from or where he got the money. When Jeanette started 6th grade she was very skinny and never had a lunch. All the kids at school made fun of her so she ate in the bathroom. The only time when she ate lunch at school was when girls would throw their half eaten lunches away in the bathroom.
When winter came, it got very cold. Jeanettes family couldnt afford coal, which meant they would have to use wood which was hard to find since most of it was all wet wood.
One day her sister lori was inside the house trying to start a fire with kerosene and it blew up the stove which caught her hair on fire and gave her blisters all down her legs. They were so bad, they became open wounds.
that winter, jeanettes grandma died. Her uncle burned down his dads house, so they had to move into a new one. Their new house had running water so jeanette would go over their sometimes to take a bath. While jeanette and brain we playing outside, they found a 2 carat diamond ring. Their mom refused to sell it even though it could have bought them alot of food, she said it would improve her self esteem.
Jeanette told her mom that she should leave her dad so she could get wealfare, but she refused. So jeanette made her get a job as a teacher. Jeanette started babysitting, her brother started lawn care so they started getting more money.

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Hannah's English Blog said...

Lauren you used a lot details so I understood what was happening in the story which was very helpful. You might want to check on punctuation and grammar though.