Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Memoir section 1

The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls
The book starts out when Jeanette is grown up and see's her mom scrummaging through a dumpster in NYC. She then goes out to dinner with her homeless mom and it transitions into the story of her childhood. When she was 3, she was wearing a pink tutu while cooking hot dogs over the stove. Her tutu then caught on fire as well as her whole body. She was rushed to the emergency room where she was lucky to survive. After Jeanette stayed in the hospital for 6 weeks, her dad kidnapped her. She and her family then traveled all over the United States.
Along her adventure, she realized her dad was a alcoholic when he wanted to be. One day when her dad was drinking and driving, they hit a rock and she flew from the car. Her parents didn't realize it and wouldn't listen to their other daughter or son. After traveling for 20 minutes, they realized she was missing. When they finally turned around, they found her. Their family then moved to the desert where many things happened. Their dog got bit by a rattle snake and died and her mom got pregnant. After her dad lost his job, they moved yet again and Jeanette started school. When they were driving to there new location, Jeanette's mom and dad were fighting over how long she'd been pregnant. Her mom got out of the car and started running while her dad sped after her in the car. When Jeanette was in school, she was the smartest girl in class and was called teachers pet by 4 girls in the class. One day when she walked home from school she got beaten up in a alley.
I cannot believe that a mother would let her 3 year old daughter cook hot dogs let alone be by herself while doing it. You'd think that they'd want their daughter to get better and keep her in the hospital, but instead they take her and put her in a car for a long ride. When i read the part where she flew out of the car, i was completely shocked. How could you not hear someone fall out of the car or even notice your child wasn't there. I was shocked when her mother was pregnant with the newest child for 12 months! I couldn't believe that a husband would drive after his pregnant wife while speeding.

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