Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Sea Inside Post 2

The sea inside related to The diving bell and the butterfly in so many ways. My first reaction to the movie was wondering if this was a tweak of the diving bell and the butterfly. Jean and Ramon relate so much, but ramon had way more communication with the world than Jean did. Ramon could talk, chew and swallow on his own and move his head slightly where Jean could do nothing except blink one of his eyes. They both wrote a book as well. Ramon and Jean both wanted to express how they felt. Both the Diving bell and the Butterfly and The Sea Inside have sad endings. While they both were suffering from being paralyzed, they both passed away shortly after their books were published. Many people were willing to help both men in both situations. They both share stories about their "loved ones" and tell the stories of their life being paralyzed. In diving bell there were dreams and flashbacks just like the sea inside did. The stories are very different aswell. In the Sea Inside, Ramon wanted to die while in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Jean was comfortable living his life in the conditions that he had. Jean hardly had any family members that came and took care of him. He never really had the comfort of his family around him while Ramons family was there for him 24/7. I think overall that the Sea Inside is more powerful because i had a better understanding of the story. To me, the movie made the story very intense and it showed more detail. Even though Ramon could do more than Jean, i reacted more to The Sea Inside. If the Diving bell and the Butterfly becomes a movie, my opinion could change because i think that movies do a better job of displaying emotions and descriptions better than a book does.

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