Tuesday, October 23, 2007

week 5 part 1

Jeanette moves to new york city to live with her sister. She gets a job at a hamburger joint and gets nearly 80 dollars a week! they buy a new appartment that is bigger than her old house. She got a intern ship at a newspaper run. After working as a intern, she got a full time job and quit her old job. Her boss encouraged her to college because once she did she could have a better job than writting at the newspaper run. She got into Columbia university and used loans and grants to pay of the tutition. She was worried about her brother brian and decided to bring him to new york to live with her and lori. Later that year, Jeanette and Lori found out thier house was falling apart and their younger sister Maureen had gashed her head, they had Maureen move to new york too.
After all the Walls kids moved to New York, Jeanette work up to a big suprise. Her parents had moved to New York as well. Her dad was still drinking alot and neither of them had a job or money. They found a boarding house to live in, but their landlord kicked them out since they couldnt pay the rent. Jeanette bought her own appartment, as well as brian. Lori and Maureen shared an appartment and Lori let her parents stay with her for a couple months. Those couple months were not the best. Their father kept drinking, so lori kicked him out and he slept in the van. The next month, Lori kicked her mom out too. Now jeanettes mom, dad, and a dog were sleeping in a van. Untill one day they couldnt get their car back since it wasnt registered, they left it in a no parking zone. Now the walls parents were homeless in new york. Her mom called every now and then to check up on the kids and she said that being homeless was an adventure.
That winter, Jeanettes dad got sick. He had Tuberculosis. He was in the hospital for 6 weeks, which was a long enough time for him to become sober. Jeanette didnt want her dad to go back to drinking, so she encouraged him to get a job at the hospital. Which he did, as a janitor and had a place to stay in a building over a gas station while her mom was still homeless. She refused to work or live with her husband. Everthing was going well untill her mom convinced her dad to move back on the streets, and thats when the drinking started again.
Jeanettes dad was a good poker player, so good that he won 950 dollars and a mink coat. He gave it all to jeanette so she could pay off her tutition. She didnt want to take it, but he made her, after all, he owed her.
Finally after 3 years on the street jeanettes parents found a place to live. IT was an abandoned building that had no door.
Jeanette graduated from college and met a guy named eric who she later married.
Maureen was having so problems later in her life. She had "gone nuts." and later that year she stabbed her mom. Her mom was fine, and maureen had to go to a "upstate hospital" and once she returned she wanted to move to california. Jeanette didnt want her to, but everyone knew it was the best thing for maureen to do. After that she hardly ever heard from maureen, her mom or her dad.
One day she got a call from her dad and he told her that he had gotten some rare disease from some nicaraguan drug dealers from getting in a fight and it was uncureable. He had a few weeks to a few months to live. Two weeks after that, he had a heart attack and a machine was keeping him alive. She said her goodbyes and a hour later, he was gone.
Jeanette divorced Eric and met a new guy. His name was John. For thanksgiving, Jeanette had her mom, brian, brains daughter, lori, john, johns daughter and maureen over for dinner. And the book ended with a cute cheerful toast.

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