Thursday, November 29, 2007


Types of Debate:
-Parents debate over if their child can go to a party. The debate can occur with parents and their child. The purpose is to bring out each parents concerns. It helps the parents feel more comfortable. The debate is un structured. This makes the desicon making processes faster, but more frustrating.
-Political Debates on the dealth penalty. The debate can happen on tv or in a office. The purpose is to hear two people's opinions on what they think. It trys to solve issues and decide what is right and wront. The debate is structured because its a bigger debate and normally have someone who moderates the debate.
-Friends fighting over where they want to go for dinner. The debate can occur with everyone and their friends. The purpose is to figure out where they're going to go for dinner. It helps plan their night and what they're going to do. Its unstructured. It helps resolve the problem of where to go for dinner.
-Parents and child debate over going to a movie on a school night. The debate can occur at the last second or in short notice. THe purpose is to decide if the kid can go to the movie. It can inform the parents about whats going on. Ist unstructured. It helps give the parents more informaton on the situation.
-Kid and Teacher debating over a grade given to the student. The debate can occur with students and teachers. The purpose is for the student to state their opinion on what they think about their grade. It may help the student prove to the teacher that they deserved a better grade. Its unstructured. This could improve the decison process or hurt it. The teacher could be mad and lower their grade.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

outside reading quater 2 post 2

Post A:
Depreciates(66):to lessen the price of or value.
Conspicuous(62):easily seen or noticed
Figurative Language-
"These ancient machines are as easy to crack open as a peanut shell(68)." I know its a smilie because is uses "like or as"."
"I bought the ingredients yesterday. It'll be simmering when you come home.(79)" They are using imagry because when they use "simmering" that paints a picture in my mind of what they're describing.
"When i stepped down from the plan, a warm breeze ruffled my hair.(80)" They used imagry. When the author says "ruffled my hair" it paints a picture of her hair scruffed up in the hot heat.

Post B:
“Finally I logged on to the dial-up service-DSL still not being available on our part of the coast-typed in Hy’s password, and waited for a connection. Checked his seldom-used AOL mailbox. Several messages, all of them looking let spam…..sender unknown, no subject. I opened the last message. YOU’RE TOAST, RIPINSKY(65)!”

I chose this quote as the main quote to show how intense and mysterious the book, The Ever-Running Man is. After Sharon recovers from the explosion in her apartment, she sets off trying to find out clues about the running mans case, and find witnesses of his other explosions. While Sharon is doing her detective work, she comes across that email in her husband’s inbox. It was a threat. Sharon travels around the country to find witnesses, suspects, suspects family members to try to find the witness. Her life is crammed and busy, leaving no time to worry about the e-mail she and her husband got. As the book goes on , she’ll keep working to try and solve the mystery and the sender of the e-mail is still to be revealed!
This quote also relates to the outside world and media. Many celebrities are black mailed and threatened each day. Not only celebrities, but normal people too. People’s life’s are put in danger while trying to find the person threatening them.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

outside reading quater 2 post 1

Post A
Disconcerted(1) to throw into disorder or confusion; disarrange
Imperial(3) characterizing the rule or authority of a sovereign state over its dependencies

-They're crawling over the site like ants. I know it was a smilie because they used "like."
-I saw smoke billowing from RKI's building. The street doors to the lobby had been torn off their hinges and were lying on the side walk. I know this is imagry because its describing whats happening and creating a mental picture in my head.
-Glass rained down from the upstairs windows. I know this was a metaphor because its describing whats happening without using like or as.

"A couple of buildings away, a garbage can lid thumped, and moments later a man jogged along in a peculair, uneven gait.(13)" This is a very significant quote because the book is called the ever running man. The man Sharon saw outside,was the ever running man who was blowing up buildings.

A emerging theme from the book would probably be; if you see something suspicious, get out.

Post B

“A couple buildings away, a garbage can lid thumped, and moments later a man jogged along in a peculiar, uneven gait(13).”

‘This quote is very significant to the book. The book is about a man who puts explosives in buildings, runs away, and moments later the building blows up. Sharon, the main character is a detective that just took that case. She was in her apartment when she looked out her window to see a man running. At the time she had no idea that the man jogging in the alley was “the ever-running man.” Moments after she left her apartment to go visit her friends. While she was walking to her car, her apartment blew up.(13) Sharon was lucky to have survived, yet alone even get out of her apartment with having no idea what was going on. Throughout the first section, she continues to live her life, while trying to solve the mystery. Sharon basically has to start her life over because she has no supplies, clothing, etc.
Her friends from her work said, “You know, I blame this on the fuckin’ internet for this. Anybody can go online and learn how to construct explosive devices; They even give sources for the material(21).” This quote relates to the media because its relating to the outside world and connecting it to the book.
Now, Sharon has to continue to look into the case and figure out why he blew up other buildings, let alone her own apartment.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

outside reading blog

The Ever-Running Man. by marcia muller published in 2007. Fiction. 312 pages
He lived near the fresno aiport as a kid, and apparently the proximity made him want to fly. pg 74
I nodded sympathetically, although secretly i sided with dummy. Such information as pattern altitude, fuel availablility and airport communications and services is easily 81

I chose this book because it seemed interesting and suspensful. The story outline made me want to keep reading the book