Thursday, October 4, 2007

week 3 part 1

Jeanettes family moved to phoniex arizona to live in their grandmas house. she passed away and since jeanette got in trouble with the cops for having a gun, they thought it was the right time to move. Their grandmas house was very large and jeanettes grandma had left alot of money which was spent in many different ways. Their mom wanted to become a artist.

Jeanettes sister Maureen turned four and she was starting preschool so her mom wanted to get her new clothes. Since they had not alot of money, she decided to shop lift 4 dresses for her.

Their dad kept moving from job to job. When he got angry he would break dishes and windows until he expressed all of his stress and frustration. Most of the time, this happened because he was always drinking. The kids would have to clean up his mess and pick up all the beer bottles. Her brother once took jeanette out to the back yard and showed her all the beer bottles that'd he'd save.

Around christmas time, they didnt have alot of money, but they had enough to buy a present for everyone in the family and a christmas tree. Christmas night, their dad was drunk and thought it would be funny to light the tree on fire which took the presents with it. Then in that january, it was Jeanettes birthday, her dad asked her for anything she wanted, anything at all and he'd make it happen. SHe wished for him to stop drinking and he tried so hard. Her dad disapeared in his room for 3 days. She once went in to see what he was doing and he was tied to the bed to keep him from drinking. Sometimes he would hear him yelling because he was in so much pain from not drinking.

One day jeanettes dad came home super drunk and was crashing dishes and throwing silver ware and asking for his wife or as he called her a "stinking bitch" and a "whore" and him and his wife got into a big fight. but got over it in literally 5 seconds.

Their mom wanted to move in with her husbands parents, but jeanettes dad refused to move. As they were about to leave, they begged their dad to come and he finally hopped in and they were now starting a big adventure.


Jeanette was born in Phoniex, Arizona and then traveled on to live many other places in her life. She graduated from Bernard College. She is now a reporter for New York Magazine and lives in Virginia with her husband, who is also a writter. His name is John Taylor. Jeanettes book is soon going to be made into a movie.

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