Tuesday, January 8, 2008

outside reading blog 6

Fodder(226):raw material
Chafed(226):to make sore by rubbing

Figurative language-
"The serpentine, my informant had called it- an elegant, long ,snakelike piece of flexible metal(227)". I know that this describes imagery because it describes the object painting a picture in my head.
"As soon as he stepped through the door, I could tell he was depressd: his shoulders slumped, and he shuffled his feet(235)." This describes personification because it's describing how the person looks, and potentially feels.
"I lay on my back for a minute, wrists throbbing, hear pounding(226)". This describes metaphor in a way because its describing whats going on but not really using imagrey.

As Sharon is trying to solve the case of the ever running man, she gets kidnapped by a man named “kessell.” Sharon and her husband Hy had worked out their marriage problems and are now onto solving the case of the ever running man. Since Sharon was on to Kessell because she thought he was the ever running man, he kidnapped her. While being held inside Kessell’s house, her husband Hy was shot at by the ever running man, but he missed, meaning that Kessell couldn’t have been the ever running man. Her husband and other work partners get into their extra work mode to try and crack the case. Many of her co-workers had different ideas on the case itself, but were trying to put a general idea together. They wernt very sucessful because after three hours they opened a bottle of wine and relaxed because they were exauhsted, but they do come to many different conclusions about why Kessell may have done what he did, by kidnapping Sharon and using money that wasn’t his own. Sharon went on to investigate victims family members to find out more information on Kessell and who/how he killed their loved ones. Out of no where, Kessell had a heart attack and died. Sharon also found out that Kessell had a kid named Chad who was put up for adoption when he was 10 years old because his mother died. The new theory is that Kessell drugged his wife and killed her, or it possibly could’ve been Chad. Chad’s adoptive parents live in California, so Sharon flew off to California to get deeper into the case. Now all she has to do is figure out who did what, and why.

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