Sunday, January 13, 2008

outside reading post 7

aversion(282):a strong feeling of dislike
vendetta(282):a private feud in which the members of the family of a murdered person seek to avenge the murder by killing the slayer or one of the slayer's relatives.

"I moved out around six-thirty, under cover of darkness, the .357 in hand. The dormitory and classroom buildigs were unlit. I slipped alongside the nearest one and peered around its front corner(284)."
This quote is very significant to the book because it describes the suspense that occurs during the book. It's describing her walking around outside of a empty airport runway with a gun in her hand looking for the ever running man.

After Sharon’s kidnap, she continued her search for the ever running man. Since she and her husband had been getting along better, he was going to help her, together. First Sharon had to interview Chad Merkel’s (a man who went missing two years ago) mother and fiancĂ©. She found out that he had left with no notice or anything with the family. He had been a suspect for the ever running man. When Sharon was interviewing Chad’s family members, his fiancĂ© tells Sharon that she gave Chad a silver shiny watch for Christmas, which was a clue for Sharon later in the mystery. Then Sharon flew into a closed airport that was abandoned, and Hy was already there waiting for her. Sharon searched around because when she arrived, someone was supposed to be waiting for her, but no one was, so she knew something was up. As she walked farther down the runways, she found an abandoned factory house where she could hear noises. When she looked in the window, she saw Chad! He was wearing the shinny silver watch his fiance had given him. He knew she was coming, but didn’t know when. As Sharon walked around the factory, she heard Hy scrambling in a locked closet, tied up in duck tape. After she got him out, they had to escape by using an abandoned car. Right as they were about to bust open a gate, their only way out, Chad came running towards the car with a bomb in his hand. The smashed into Chad and the bomb exploded a couple feet behind them so that it shook the car. They smashed the fence open and escaped. At the end of the book Hy and Sharon resolve their marriage problems and decide to start fresh.

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